Jess (hazy_crazy) wrote in aaron_stillness,

Challenge #19

- comment with your icons (3 MAX.) and a link to it
- remember that your icon must fit within LJ standards - less than or equal to 40k/100x100 pixels
- use only the pictures given
- comments are screened
- voting will be posted Friday, 23rd February

Please remember to write Banner yes/no (if you want one or not)

The Cake Eaters! (Or, so Ashe at stanfordwank has informed us, is now called "Bright Light of Day" o__O)

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Damn - I forgot to screen comments ARGH lol thanks for submitting - you reminded me!

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Hey, thanks for submitting... But yeah... I didn't have any entries (well, only one, and now you) ... and University started for me and I kinda got caught up with that. Hardly anybody has been submitting though. It's been maybe, three people each time (including me) and so... I don't know what's gonna happen with it. I don't know if people still want it running. I should probably make a post about it!

Your icons are gorgeous!
I know that university problem... had it as well when I started and I still sometimes have it... it would be sad if the community dies *sigh*... thanks to this community I made almost all of my aaron icons ;) it kept me making them, but with only so less people submitting I could understand if it would be shut down.
Yeah, maybe making a post about it would be good...

oh yeah, and thanks :P
Yeah, I don't want it to die either. Aww really? That's great! Something to keep you motivated. =)

I'll definitely make that post. Right now, in fact.

You're welcome!
yeah I need it *hehe* and I would do everything... well a lot to keep it alive, like pimping or what else I could do... I also made a friend of mine make icons for this challenge... although she isn't such an aaron fan as I am... talking about severusslave here.
Awwww, you're awesome!! She just submitted them!! ^_^ Thanks so much hehe. I'll have to make mine, and then I can post the voting XD!

(I won't let this die!)
yaaaaaaay :D hehe I poked her into it *gg*
it has to stay alive *happydance* then I will go around and pimp it every chance I get :P

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Awwww, you are fantastic, THANK YOU ♥
You're welcome. :D